Friday, May 1, 2009

Meet Linda Cohen

Entrepreneur and all-around fascinating guy Harry Aldrich introduced us to Linda Cohen. Harry said:

Linda is a member of Toastmasters, a great person, very smart, dynamic, outgoing and a loving mother and overall fun personality. She was a tour guide at the Portland Japanese Garden and now volunteers at the Willowbrook Arts and Drama Camp

Welcome Linda.

1. What motivates you to get up in the morning?

Life is meant to be experienced and savored. Recently my life has been filled with strange miraculous occurrences each day. I don't need more than that to get out of bed. It doesn't hurt, that I am also a morning person so my eyes pop open and I am ready to bound out of bed the minute I wake up.

2. What keeps you awake at night? What obsesses you?

Truthfully not much. My days are full and I am usually pretty exhausted at night, perhaps a captivating movie but hand me even the most enthralling book and within 15 minutes I'll be asleep. I'm obsessed with stories of do-gooders. I love to hear them and share them. It makes me believe in the power of people.

3. What do you struggle with most?

Negativity. I hate that people are willing to listen to it and spread it around. Perhaps I am a bit of a Pollyana but I don't want to live my life thinking about the glass being half full. Don't tell me every god awful thing that happens everyday in our world. Our popular media is obsessed with the negative. I'd rather obsess in the do-gooder.

4. What is the most valuable lesson you've learned?

Everyone will die but death isn't to be feared. We don't talk much about grief and dying in our society and for many people it is a scary subject. I have changed my belief about death and dying and want to know how others have coped and survived through their own loss. We have much to learn and share around grief.

5. What is your personal philosophy or motto?

Stop complaining. Get involved. Do something about it. Or if you prefer Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to be.”

Linda Cohen considers herself a young, hip Jewish mother who does what modern Jewish mothers do. They bring the traditions into the the 21st century. They take care of their families, their communities and get involved with organizations they care for passionately. After Linda's father died she committed to doing 1000 mitzvahs or acts of kindness in his memory. Her blog has recorded this project. After more than two years, she has learned life lessons about grief and dying. She has discovered the secret to life: give freely of your time and energy and you will benefit in more ways than you imagined!

Linda feels blessed to be married to her insightful "renaissance" husband, whom she certainly would nominate for one of the most facinating people she knows if it wasn't against the rules. She's also the mother of two spirited and exhuberant children who keep her laughing and always keep her humble.


Ellen Kimball said...

Hello, Linda (and Marc),

I am so glad you found each other!
Proud mother of Linda here.

You have so many wonderful qualities, dearest child. I like to think you got at least 1/4 from me. Other three-quarters from your biological father -- wish he could have seen this -- and two **"bonus" parents (Dad Al and Mom Alayne).

Now you belong to yourself and to the world. I look forward to sharing as much of your life as you wish -- with you, your husband and our two local grandchildren -- for the rest of my days!

Love always,

Ellen Kimball
(Woman, wife, broadcaster, mother, bonus mother, grandmother & bonus grandmother)

**"Bonus=It's a STEP in the right direction!"

The Frog Queen said...

What an inspiration Linda!

I have to say that I can be a bit, ah, let’s say, on the negative side :) It is so wonderful to hear from others that have a "glass half full" look at life. I often wish I was them :)

I know I need that motivation more than I am willing to admit.

Great blog, I always look forward to reading. Thanks so much for sharing.